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First Realty – Real Estate in Montenegro

First Realty is the leader in real estate sales in Montenegro. We provide a full range of professional services to sellers, buyers and tenants, commercial property owners and investors. Services include consulting and services for the sale and rental of real estate, property management and effective investment management.

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Overview of the real estate market in Montenegro

Montenegro has been and remains one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists from the countries of the former USSR. Visa-free regime, relatively low cost and duration of the flight, delicious food, similar mentality – all this provides a fairly powerful flow of tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. There are many who, having visited this country once or several times, decide to stay for temporary residence.

To date, real estate prices in Montenegro are quite comparable with prices, for example, in Ukraine and are decently lower than in large Russian cities. And this is of interest both to investors and ordinary families who are looking for their place under the warm sun or who want to have a summer house by the sea. Often, elderly people who decide to invest their accumulated savings in real estate or live on the Adriatic coast also buy an apartment in Montenegro.

The most “delicious” and desired property is, of course, a house with a garden plot. Preferably as close to the sea as possible. But, let’s compare the desired with the possible, very often the buyer opts for apartments in large or small apartment buildings.

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